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Abut the Book By Author R.K Rajput

I am pleased to present the Fourth Edition of this book. The warm reception, which the previous editions and reprints of this book have enjoyed all over India and abroad, has been a matter of great satisfaction to me.

The entire book has been thoroughly revised; specifically Chapters 15, 17, and 22 have been completely modified by adding adequate text and a large number of typical examples (selected from various competitive examinations), to make the book still a more comprehensive and complete unit in all respects.

As ever before, I take this opportunity to thank my publisher Sh. Ravindra Kumar Gupta, CMD, and Sh. Navin Joshi, GM (Sales & Marketing) of S. Chand & Company Ltd. for the personal interest they took in printing this book.

I also thank the editorial staff of S. Chand & Company Ltd., especially Mr. E.J. Jawahardatham, Editor [Science & Technology), Sh. Shishir Bhatnagar, Editor, and Mr. Chander Shekhar, for their help in converting the book into multicolor edition and Mr. Pradeep Kumar Joshi for Designing and Layouting this book.

Any suggestions for the improvement of this book will be thank­fully acknowledged and incorporated in the next edition.

By R.K Rajput

Table Of Contents

  1. Simple Stresses and Strains
  2. Principal of Stress and Strains
  3. Centroide and Moment of Inertia
  4. Bending Moments and Shearing Forces
  5. Bending Stresses in Beams
  6. Combine Direct and Bending Stresses
  7. Shearing Stresses
  8. Deflection Of Beams
  9. Fixed and Continous Beams
  10. Thin Shelles
  11. Thick Shelles
  12. Riveted and Welded Joints
  13. Torsion of Circular and non-circular shafts
  14. Springs
  15. Strain Energy and Deflection Due to Shear and Bending
  16. Columns and Struts
  17. Analysis of framed structures
  18. Theories of Failure
  19. Stress Due to Rotation
  20. Bending of Curved Bars
  21. Unsymmetrical Bending and Shear center
  22. Competitive Examinations (UPSC,GATE etc) Question with Solutions



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